Field Service Inspector Verification Jobs
Field Service Reps Needed: Vehicle Inspection and Equipment Verification

On career builder there is a job for the Vehicle Inspector with Lockheed Martin Corporation, Job duties include inspects commercial and private vehicles, using various types of equipment such as mirrors, explosive detection equipment, x-ray systems, under vehicle surveillance systems, etc., to ensure no unauthorized transport of drugs, explosive materials, weapons, or other unauthorized materials on to an installation or other designated controlled or restricted area.
Equipment verification is done by Field Services, Inc.What this service includes is you will verify that collateral is used in the manner it is set forth as well as by individuals who are authorized to use such equipment for Vehicle, Boat & Heavy Equipment Services.
Vehicle Inspections is done by Alliance Inspection Management AiM’s web-based logistics and scheduling system utilizes real time software, handheld wireless computers and a state-of-the-art Information Technologies infrastructure to deliver previously unattainable levels of customer service and support, as well as enhance operational efficiency.
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Find National Field Service Companies Hiring Field Rep Inspectors
Field Service Rep Inspectors need to be able to work in all types of home inspections from FIELD INSPECTION SERVICES. VERIFICATION SERVICES
If you looking to try this type of service check out Columbia Tech's Field Service they offer you as a field inspector the opportunity to do the following Installations
 v Preventative Maintenance
v Calibration and Verification
v Troubleshooting and Repair
v Spare Parts Procurement and Management
v Procedures and Documentation
v Asset Management
v Maintenance History Database Development
Most popular types of inspections include: drive-by inspections field service inspection companies field service inspector assignments field service representative training home based photo inspection business how to become a driveby home field inspector how to become drive-by field inspector how to become field service representative inspector
An example of the type of assignments one can receive are as follows:
Vehicle Inspections with verification of VIN complete assignments within 48 hours and return a minimum of 5 photos of the vehicle inside and a procedure mandated by national or subnational governments in many countries,
As you are probably aware a vehicle is inspected to ensure that it conforms to regulations governing safety, emissions, or both.
Your Inspection can be required at various times, for example periodically or on transfer of title to a vehicle.
Income you can expect include the following assignments will pay $50 plus your expenses, which you will have immediate openings for Field Rep Inspectors.
Some companies seek inspectors who are will work within a 50 mile radius and sometimes more.they offer high volume of inspection assignments which increases an inspector's income.
Some of the Requirements are depended on reliable transportation, digital camera, computer, Internet access and email address.
Most people already have Software requirements are Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience is not required.
What you can expect regarding fees range from $12 and up with high volume of assignments. What you will notice is that these assignments are Legitimate, Honest, and require no sales.
Why many like this is due to the fact that the assignments can provide a great part-time or full-time income to earn high pay.
If you prefer there are many companies who require service inspectors to drive by properties which pay $7 plus expenses and more with photographs.
A normal payment for assignment returns an income of $25 to $30 plus expenses.
So If you accept 3 assignments per day, you can easily earn $75+. Drive-By Assignments require less than 5 minutes and then reports another 10 to 15 minutes because they are simply fill-in reporting.
CTI | On-Site Field Service
Columbia Tech's Field Service Division is committed to offering customers the finest technical services available. We assist our customers in meeting the latest OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, ASTM, NFPA and ISO compliance standards. These services include progra
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Field Services, Inc. - Manufactured Housing Appraisals, Inspections, Visits and Skip Tracing
Field Services, Inc. - Nationwide field inspections for manufactured homes, site built homes, commercial establishments, apartment complexes, vehicles, boats and equipment. Our services include appraisals, asset disposal, environmental surveys, lock
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Verification Inspection Types

Once you have determined what type of inspection you will choose to do next you will want to know what the different on site verification inspections include, some are:

Assumption Diligence,

Modification Diligence,

Consent or Waiver Diligence,

Pre-Loan Closing Condition Diligence,

Post Loan Closing Compliance,

Watchlist Threshold Diligence,

Partial Release Partial Reconveyance Diligence,

Verification of Physical Occupancy and much more...

The ideal situation is if you can work at home, this job allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule and get out of the house, field inspection just might be the perfect job for you. Field inspectors complete inspection jobs for mortgage companies, banks and insurance agencies.

Have you decided to offer property inspection services? Are seeking the knowledge you need to complete inspections competently?

Mortgage Field Inspector is needed in the Carrolton, Roopeville,Temple, Rome, and surrounding areas, former real estate appraisal experience helpful but not necessary person must maintain organized work environment and high standard to details.

You may have seen that there is an additional Income Opportunity in field inspection guide, field inspection service for those looking for the Independent Contractor Jobs as well as Jobs for Field Inspectors Mortgage Field Inspector Mortgage Field Service Companies also it is going to be very competitive for other businesses that need Mortgage Field Services to help with Supplemental Income. 

How to get started in working as a commercial field inspector

First you must understand that many field inspection companies do not post open positions on job boards or in the classified section in the newspaper. Thats because all you need to do is sign up with the field inspection companies and they start sending you work orders via email.

Here are a list of some of those companies hiring field inspectors:
  • First American Field Service, offers property preservation services
  • LPS Field Services is a national field service company
  • A-1 Field Services
  • National Field Representatives inc. performs field services for the Mortgage industry

You can determine to either accept or decline those orders based on your own schedule. It is important to note that for most field inspection companies no certifications or special licenses are required.

Tools for performing Field Inspections

First it will be required that you have a computer with internet access,then if you have an email account, a printer,along with a digital camera and transportation.

The benefits of such a job working as a field service inspector is the flexibility to work your own schedule and the opportunity to earn an extra income.Lending, Leasing and Insurance institutions nationwide have vested interests in homes, cars, commercial property, businesses, trucks, RVs, boats, or any entity requiring financing or insurance.

So that is why this field is in demand because these institutions need to have updated and accurate information on the condition of this property continuously the current economic slowdown has opened up more opportunities for field service inspectors because homes and commercial properties that are being refinanced.

All those foreclosed homes that are vacant still require frequently updated photos and reports Lending, Leasing and Insurance institutions nationwide need to have updated and accurate information on the condition of this property continuously. So, these institutions contract out this work to freelance field service inspection representatives all over the country.