Insurance Loss Property Inspection
Insurance inspection services, insurance inspections field inspections or loss control surveys Insurance Loss Draft Insurance Loss Inspection: for residential properties

When you start in the field services industry you will notice that there are different types of property inspections done. these jobs are subcontracted out to companies who hire independent contractors.

How do you get a job as a insurance loss property inspector?

This guide will walk you through what it is and how to contact companies who need inspectors. Some things you need to know about Insurance Loss Inspection for residential properties subject to hazard or casualty insurance claims or where repairs and/or rehabilitation work is being performed,

As a independent contractor you will contact the occupant within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of the assignment for an appointment to inspect the property as directed by client and attempt to determine the extent of any damage to such property, or the extent, nature, and quality of repairs made to such property,

You may be instructed to interview the occupant to determine satisfaction with such repairs. As you may know the Inspection of all restoration work shall be to determine percentage of work completed.

Get a job as a Insurance Loss Inspector
What companies are hiring field inspectors for Insurance Loss Inspection?

The reason for the inspections is to help ensure that hazard insurance claims funds for damaged properties are properly disbursed and appropriately utilized to repair and improve the subject property. This protects the value of the collateral as security. So some companies will contract out workers and send an inspector to a property to review and assess both the existing damages at a property and the percentage of repairs completed. With this information, it can be determine whether a requested release of additional or remaining repair funds is appropriate.

These are some companies that offer this service:

  • Safeguard Properties
  • National Risk Services, Inc
  • Accurate Inspection Services
  • RLD Associates, Inc

If you want to see if you can get a job doing this type of work you will want to email the companies and submit an application form online. Many of these jobs are not posted and you will want to check out forums and get a list of mortgage field service companies who do inspections.

Insurance Loss Inspection Jobs
  • Insurance Inspector - Part Time, for Safety Resources, Inc., a division of Overland Solutions, is a leading provider of loss control and safety inspection surveys to the insurance industry nationwide, duties include: you will work from an office in your home, and travel locally to the insureds' sites. You will evaluate the insureds' hazards and controls by interviewing, touring premises, measuring and calculating square footage, drawing diagrams, taking digital photos, and making recommendations for uncontrolled hazards, in order to determine whether or not companies should be issued, or be renewed, a policy. You will complete the reports on a company-issued laptop. Most assignments and support are provided online by one of the Safety Resources branch offices closest to your territory.
  • Commercial Loss Control Inspector -, for ISO - the leading source of information about risk.  theysupply data, analytics, and decision-support services for professionals in many fields, including insurance, finance, real estate, health services, government, and human resources. Their products help customers measure, manage, and reduce risk. Your major responsibilities will involve:
    1. Completing commercial property surveys along with casualty insurance surveys
    2. Scheduling appointments
    3. Traveling to property sites
    4. Gathering underwriting information
    5. Completing the appropriate form via a computer
    6. Calculating square footage
    7. Drawing CAD diagrams and taking digital photos

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