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Bank Foreclosures Inspection Jobs

The economic crisis and bank foreclosures has created a rise in abandoned homes and a need for REO homes to receive special care in order to preserve them for future market value. Banks lenders and realtors need professional property foreclosure maintenance and inspection to preserve REO homes with winterization, debris removal, clean outs, board ups, general repair and lawn care.

Field Inspection jobs

Are you looking for inspection jobs in southern california, southwest florida, georgia, northern KY, for property photo inspections., lock changes or securements. You will find that there are those hiring property preservation vendors of preservation companies and REO companies.

Occupancy Determination

The primary purpose of this inspection service is to determine who, if anyone, is occupying the property. You will be required to record the full names, contact phone numbers, any rental information agent or property manager information and the number of units. The property condition and any existing or potential conditions that could affect the value of the premises. 

Borrower Interview

Is when you will do a inspection service to make direct contact with the borrower and obtain the reason for the delinquency and current phone numbers where the borrower can be reached. As well as a property condition and description. If the borrower is unavailable at the time of inspection, a call back card will be left at the property.

Property Condition Inspection

A direct visual observation of the property will determine the overall condition and occupancy status of the property.  You will be required to determine if there are any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the property.  Property condition inspections can be completed on either a contact or no-contact basis.

Disaster Inspection

Here you will  determine the condition of the property and what damages, if any, are present at the property due to the natural disaster.  FEMA inspections can be completed within regular inspection timeframes or on a rush basis.

Foreclosure Inspection

As an inspector you will determine the overall physical condition of the property and occupancy status of the property. Contact may be necessary during this inspection. You will be required to report observable damages as well as property secured status  for secured or not secured, also utility status for active or not active and other maintenance needed and considered important for this type of inspection.

Sale Date Inspection

When it comes to a contact inspection conducted on a certain date such as on the foreclosure sale date- assigned by your subcontractor or from the client relative to legal proceedings to acquire title in the servicer's name.  Property condition is ascertained and occupancy results determine whether an eviction may be required. If the property is vacant, preservation work commences consistent with client specifications.

Cubic Yard Hud Guidelines for property preservations in review

Vacant Property Ordinance required by city, State and local government see foreclosures as money in the bank, New laws require the licensure by the city of preservation contractors, before providing any type of work on vacant property. This is an annual vacant home registration. In effect preservation contractors become the local contact when providing specific maintenance required by the vacant property ordinance.

Property Preservation Specialists and HUD Contractors are you looking for quality job leads?

ARCpreservation is hiring preservation contractors and inspectors, SE Florida property preservation and rehab, is a full rehab and repair company, City of Fairborn, is hiring a neighborhood inspector who has a certification in property maintenance and housing inspection, portsmouth redevelopment and housing authority is hiring for section 8 housing inspector, city of richmond is hiring property maintenance inforcement inspector.

Types of Property Inspections

The following are the types of inspections that many who will be entering the field of property field foreclosure will have to be familiar with in areas such as: Eviction inspections, Voluntary pre conveyance inspections, Vacant property inspections, Occupancy inspections.

Eviction inspections are when the mortgagees perform a scheduled eviction, to confirm the scheduled eviction the day before and to verify if the property is still occupied. Mortgagee document the name of the person, or place, date and time of call, and the results of the call.

Voluntary pre-conveyance inspections is to verify that the properties are in conveyance condition or to identify additional requirements that need to be met such as conveyance damage, HUD will allow mortgagees to claim the cost at the rate of vacant property inspection.

Vacant property inspections mortgagees document property condition, with written description and photographs, if the inspection identifies property damage or health hazards, mortgagee should submit an over allowable request immediately following completion of inspection.

Occupancy Inspections establishes that the property is vacant and abandoned and the morgagee should start preservation and protection actions required to secure the property.

A home inspection is a physical evaluation of the overall condition of the foreclosure, property contractorslist items that need to be repaired or replaced by giving a detailed report on the condition of the structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and ventilation, air conditioning, and interiors.

Home Inspection School

Some of the places that you will be able to find home inspection schools include: Georgia, Illinois, California, Florida, Ohio, NJ, Arizona and Pennsylvania. You can have home inspection continuing education, exam prep, appraisal and certification.

When you go online you can learn: Real Estate Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education as well as Home Appraisal Pre-Licensing and Home Inspection Licensing.

If you want to learn more about Insurance and Financial planning you can take continuing education courses at academic enterprises.

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