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Field Service Reps Needed Property Preservation Companies

How to get started as a field service inspector
The first place to look is online, classifieds and local services in your area. Here is a site that has years of experience in the field of property inspection and can get you started:

Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) is a networking organization for both inspectors and property preservation specialists and there you can get a copy of the National Field Service Directory. Doing a search on google will give you more businesses and companies who specialize in property preservation services, make a list and contact each one by email. It takes due diligence and an unstoppable quality to keep yourself informed, knowledgeable and prepared to take on all the duties.

Property Preservation Companies HIring Field Service Inspectors
Safeguard Properties,

Mortgage Contracting Services,

Countrywide Field Services Corporation

Fidelity LPS Field Services

First American Property Preservation Services

Foreclosure Bank Inspector Jobs

If you are looking for information on a foreclosure bank inspector company, you will have to do research because there have been foreclosure bank inspector complaints about a foreclosure bank inspector website that is taking money from people who are looking for work as a nationwide property inspections, the sad thing is that they are trying to use foreclosure bank inspector ripoff tactics just to make some money, you will have to check for the nationwide property inspections of legitimate companies.

You can start by doing your own search on the main engines to see if you can find useful guides in the following search phrases: nationwide property inspections, foreclosure bank inspector card, jay vincent foreclosure bank inspector, foreclosure bank inspector scam, and foreclosure inspection jobs to see what others are saying they have experienced with this industry.

National companies are providing inspection services for occupancy determination, verification of occupancy inspection, borrower interviews, property condition inspection, disaster inspection, manufactured housing inspection, insurance loss inspection, bankruptcy inspection, foreclosure inspection, sale date inspection, rush inspection and skip tracing. With all these types of subcontracting work available you will have plenty to keep you busy and in demand during this market.

Property Preservation Companies by State
Property Preservation Companies in California

Quick Silver Messenger Service – California – process serving, delinquency interviews, bankruptcy, foreclosure, insurance loss, merchant site inspections.
Property Preservation Companies in Florida

Imagine Service Group, Inc. – Florida – Statewide inspections and preservation services including lock changes, winterization, lawn care, eviction assistance and minor/major rehab.
Property Preservation Companies in Michigan

Eagle Inspections of Michigan – Michigan – providing property preservation and field inspections
Property Preservation Companies in Georgia

McDaniel Contracting Inc – Atlanta Georgia area – offering services to real estate agents and mortgage brokers who specialize in REO, distressed and foreclosed properties.
Property Preservation Companies in Colorado

Hallmark Residential, Inc – Servicing the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. REO valuation, loss mitigation & property disposition.
Property Preservation Companies in Ohio

Landmark Contractor Services, Inc. – Ohio statewide – full-service property preservation company, lock changes, winterization, eviction services, and board-ups. US-wide – property preservation billing services for contractors.
Property Preservation Companies in Utah

Mesa Verde Property Management – Northern Utah, Central Colorado, and Southern Idaho – services include snow removal, debris removal, lawn maintenance, and other property preservation services.
Property Preservation Companies in Alabama

RG-Investment Recovery Group L.L.C. is a fully licensed and insured, full-service property preservation company specializing in servicing the REO community. Offer complete turn-key services for the state of Alabama
Property Preservation Companies in Arizona

Jarrett West Asset Management – Arizona – provides property inspections to property and causality insurance companies; evictions, property preservation and inspections to the mortgage banking community.
Property Preservation Companies in Illinois

A City Suburban Service, Inc. – Illinois – Chicago areas – property inspection, evictions and preservation services – including debris removal, board-ups, painting services.

Field Service Reps needed in Property Preservation Industry Resources
Find out how you can work at home based inspection, learn how to earn a good income and what the field service representative inspection business is all about. if you are looking to get into the field of property preservation or field service inspection you will need a list of companies that will need your service. Demand is high for someone who can go by taking photos and check on these vacant, boarded up, REO and Foreclosures. As you can imagine it takes much skill and practice to be able to advance into the many other areas of the mortgage industry such as Home-Inspection-Franchise

Field Service Rep Wanted Ads:
Some tips and resources to follow for those looking for field rep jobs, first you will need to know the right search terms to look for: Type the following in the Yahoo, MSN, or Google search box:

Field Rep Needed In Missouri Inspector Needed In Alaska Inspector Needed In Utah
Field Inspectors Needed in Illinois Field Inspectors Needed in Virginia Field Inspectors Wanted In Washington State Field Rep Wanted For Business Verification Of A Dental Practice In Plymouth Indiana
Field Rep Wanted In Lake Charles Louisiana Field Representative Job in Houlton Maine Field Reps Wanted in the Great State of Texas
Field Rep Wanted For Door to door Inspection In Omaha Nebraska Field Rep Wanted In Brunswick Georgia To Do Door Knock Field Rep Wanted In Montrose Pennsylvania Field Reps Needed In Maryland
Equipment Inspector Needed In Wyoming Field Inspector Wanted In Texas Field Rep Needed In Brownsville Vermont Field Rep Needed In Maryland Field Rep Needed In Oregon Field Rep Wanted In Lock Haven Pennsylvania
Field Reps Needed In New England Field Reps Wanted in Kinston North Carolina Field Reps Wanted In Montana Field Reps Wanted In Seaford Delaware For Equipment Inspections
Canadian Insurance Inspectors Colorado Inspectors Needed Field Reps Wanted In Missouri Field Service Job In Douglas Georgia Field Service Job In Missouri Free Field Inspector Training
Field Reps Needed – North Carolina Field Reps Needed – South Carolina Field Reps Needed – Virginia Field Reps Needed – West Virginia
These are just some of the field service inspection job titles, I’m sure you can find more with a little research.

10 tips on What type of position will you apply for Inspector or Contractor
If you are an independent inspector or contractor? You will need to add the following information to the email.

Name of company:
Contact information: (name, email and telephone numbers)
Office address:
State and Counties where you have work coverage:
Years of experience in this field?
References: (3 Business References)
Do you have a Federal Tax ID?
Do you have insurance coverage? (Errors & Omissions and General Liability) If so please provide coverage amounts.
Services that you are offering: (inspections, property preservation or both)
If property preservation contractor, can or will you perform evictions?
National Mortgage News – Reliable news for Mortgage Industry

How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business: Property Preservation Industry

How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business: Property Preservation Industry
Requirements and equipment needed include: There are various types of inspections

Some these items you will already have so there will be no expense, Dependable transportation, Digital camera, Computer, Internet access and email address, Microsoft Word and Excel or compatible, Experience is not required.
Many of the types of inspections in demand are:
Home Improvements, Automobile or Trailer Purchases, First Time Home Buyers, Business Equipment Leasing, Delinquent Interviews, Business and Merchant Verifications

How much money you can expect to earn
as a field service is a range from $7 (when high volume assignments exist) plus expenses fees paid for photographs. Just note that an average pay for assignments can return an income of $25 to $30 plus expenses. If you accept 3 assignments per day, you can easily earn $75 and up.

The benefits of this type work is you can grow into many other type inspections that pay $100+ per assignment. You can learn various type auditing and reporting inspections for many different types of businesses.

Outlook of the Property Preservation Industry
The outlook is pretty bright, with the increase of REO’s. Foreclosure and bank owned properties flooding the market every day. Mortgage Lenders will need these homes to maintained and kept up. So as not to attract vandalism.

Action Steps for Field Service Reps provide a variety of services
Some of the things a field service rep will do our lawn maintenance, photo documentation, changing locks on the doors, boarding up windows, repairs.

Residential Inspections
Insurance Inspections
Commercial Inspections
Property Preservation and much more

The Home Inspection Training Program
You will want to try this before you look into any other training course because Carson Dunlap course is easy to use and learn from and has been designed around convenience. The training is a correspondence program that is self-paced so you can study at your own leisure within the comfort of your own home. students all have access to a wealth of training materials and industry publications along the way. In addition, there is unlimited tutoring support delivered by experienced, professional home inspectors.

Some of the other benefits is that all testing is done online and can be taken whenever you feel you are ready to do so, as you are probably aware you can’t learn how to be a home inspector in 40 or 60 hours in a classroom-training environment, that’s why the Home Inspection Training Program is 500 hours of study sessions, field exercises and real-world conditions that have been captured on the field. There is no course out there that sets you up for success like the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program.

The Property Preservation Coach

Become a foreclosure cleanout contractor
How to start your own Foreclosure Property Maintenance Business.
Make money cleaning out and maintaining foreclosures, with the top maintenance and cleaning opportunities, such as Foreclosure Cleanout and Foreclosure Property maintenance Business.

Realtors/Property Inspectors can use this business as a second income Contractors/Handymen in any line of contracting can use this business to lead to more business repairing foreclosed properties, hauling, cleaning, lawn or landscaping business, can add foreclosure clean outs to their list of services.

Get more information at this site: How to manual on what to do to get started.

Property Preservation Training and Certification
If you are a field rep looking for specialized property preservation training or advanced certification where do you go to get it?

Many have emailed and left comments asking where they can find the training they need to get into this growing industry, this guide will give you the tips and resources you need to find what you are looking for.

How to find the right type of training for field reps looking to start a career in the mortgage field services who must stick with the HUD requirements to preserve and protect properties.

Field service companies that need certified and trained field reps for vacant properties and abandoned properties that banks and insurance companies need independent contractors to inspect on a regular basis.

Field Service Glossary Terms:

Home Inspection Terms Home Inspection Glossary
You can gain some additional income opportunity with a Field Inspection Guide as well as Field Inspection Service for Independent Contractor Jobs or for Jobs for Field Inspectors, Mortgage Field Inspectors and Mortgage Field Service Companies who work with Mortgage Field Services to provide supplemental Income and insurance loss inspection jobs.
property foreclosure preservation, maintenance, and inspection jobs
Getting started what it takes to start in the foreclosure preservation industry.

How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business

Learn what field services are the requirements,

industry forecast, laws, services, resumes, areas of coverage insurance, licenses, legal issues and equipment you might need. If your company is offering residential services for bankruptcy inspections, broker option of value, comparative market analysis, construction funding, progress reports,
other specialties include delinquency interviews, drive-by inspections, estimated value market, face to face interviews, flood hazard inspections, hazard inspections, home improvement verification, Hud title I, insurance loss inspections, mortgage inspections,
neighborhood information, REO inspections, occupancy inspections, sale date inspections and rush inspections you will need the correct field procedures, for the inspection overview for commercial services, property preservation, and residential services.
Education and Training Advice
Most positions do not require any experience at all

No experience is necessary for field service representatives to drive by property take notes of the condition, take a photo of the property and submit to the company from a computer.

Many positions are available, hiring now, field reps needed, no experience necessary. No need to purchase an e-book just email companies and let them know you are available, get emails of properties in your area that need your help, right to your computer.

When the economy is slow and the real estate market changes its time to look for opportunities that arise in the home mortgage industry.

Certified Home Inspector
I found some information regarding Massachusetts Home Inspection for buyers and sellers throughout Massachusetts. The economy has changed the standards so non-profit association promotes excellence and exemplary practice within the profession and offers inspector locate FAQs and resources.

Also in North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association has online course material, Tools of the trade included, Pocket PC included with Professional Package and an exclusive Real Homes Inspections video, Report Writing Software Demo, Quick Start Your Home Inspection Career Guide to help those looking to start a profession so that you can provide a professional, certified, and clear inspection report at an affordable price the same day of the inspection in your business.

Benchmark Home Inspection

They provide professional home inspections in Southern California, and they utilize the standards found in the California real estate inspector association for the areas of Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. they help you save thousands of dollars for those who are buying a home from a seller or a builder in areas such as structures, mechanical, roofing and exteriors and interiors are important to have the right kind of home inspection.


Other areas you will find that is offered by national companies include:

Property REO
Property Safeguard
Field Inspectors
REO Preservation
REO Inspections
Mortgage Inspections
Property Preservations
Landmark Home Inspections
Online Mortgage Leads

These are the various areas of the industry that will require instruction or training either at home or in a formal institution, you can make sure that your business qualifies for bidding on the projects that deal with these type of work orders, competition will be high and you may not be able to actually work in your local area, if that is the case you may need to travel to another region.

If you are going to compete with those who have work orders that they have already completed it is important to bid on jobs from institutions that offer Property Inspections, Property Preservation, Real Estate Owned (REO) Services, Property Valuations, Insurance Loss Inspections, High Risk/Code Enforcement, Vacant Property Registration, Title Services, Evictions, and Hazard Claims Administration.

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